Interested In How To Get Into Voice Over or Voice Acting?

Welcome to Voice Over Knowledge. Here you’ll find a collection of articles on the subject of voice over. Insight into the industry and advice on studio kit and more.

Competition In Voice Over

This is a competitive sector. Don’t be under any illusions that you can make a quick buck without any effort.

That said, if you’re committed to your craft, you can break through to success. Covid has increased the speed of change in the industry. Change is also an opportunity.

Voice Over Industry Insight

I’ve found that I”m often asked for advice on the industry, and it made sense to bring some of that advice together in a space where people can access it.

I’ll be adding to the content throughout 2022, so do come back to see more.

Who Made Me Expert?

No-one. That said, I do have more than 30 years in the media industry, so I hope some of these articles can be of help.